Last Christmas, I made a series of nativity-based paintings.  They each focused on a character

or place foremost on the stage of the Messiah’s birth.  For this year’s holiday season, I’ve

focused the theme on angels.  Combining this theme with the Nativity simplified the characters

to Mary and the baby Jesus in order to make plenty of room for the heavenly hosts.  I kept a

open, nebulous sky to reference the home of the messengers that brought news before and

during the miraculous event.  The angels helped Mary to understand that she was a chosen

vessel.  They explained to Joseph Mary’s delicate state in order to prevent misunderstanding.

They heralded the birth to the shepherds.  These hosts remained close to Christ during the

hardest times of His life, including being tempted by Satan in the wilderness and bearing the

sins of all in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Angels played a crucial role during His ministry, and

they still play an important role in our lives today, whether they come in the form of mortal

beings or loved ones since departed.







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