Understanding a Circular Citrus Grove

Awhile back, I put some orange trees in a couple of different works, although my dream is to have an entire kitchen where I can paint citrus trees all over the walls.  Their warm, orange and yellow spheres glow among cool greens and remind me of sunny places where it’s warm enough for fruit to grow. I really loved making them, mainly because the bright colors combined nicely with the collage texture underneath.  I wanted to use an entire painting to focus on them see what kind of meaning I could find through their usage and placement.

Orange Tree

For some reason my mind automatically saw them circling a reflective pool of water.  Most of the time I don’t really know why I come up with things, so it’s good for me to take some time explaining myself.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with nature, particularly it’s majesty that comes from naturally living up to the measure of its creation without any hesitation, which we as humans constantly struggle with.  Orchards are symbolic in nature and can represent life in terms of a master gardener taming and taking care of the plants that fall within his stewardship.  Thinking about my circular orchard, the plants take on a reverence as they respectfully circle their life source.  The plants are cared for and productive, indicating that someone cares enough to work among them, and in turn the burgeoning fruit shows gratitude towards a master who provides them with food, water, and protection.


The trees symbolize people who understand the importance of give and take, of gratitude, and how important it is to recognize where one stands in relation to their fellows–as a servant, steward, producer, and contributor.


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